5 Minutes with Jack Fallon



We caught up with The Glos Show presenter and asked him your pressing questions!


Hi Jack, you always look so great on camera, what’s your secret?

A good nights sleep and a good moisturiser are key – always start and end the day with moisturiser!


Do you do anything to prepare for the live show?

I think it’s important to get to know the script and know it inside out. I try not to put too much pressure on myself because that’s how mistakes are made.


How did you get your job presenting on (arguably) prime time TV?

Growing up, I’ve always loved The Glos Show and wrote to them asking for work experience and it went uphill from there! I started as a runner in the last series but when Matt Baker left to move to (arguably) smaller things, it was only natural I would end up fronting the show that I love!


Are you and Curtis Goff close in real life?

Yes, we share common interests and we have known each other for three years. I respect him as a broadcaster – he is a very hard working guy!


What’s your favourite colour socks to wear?

I like to mix thing up (Jack is currently wearing ghastly black and blue striped socks) there of course, is a time and a place for black socks, but I am a big fan of injecting some pizzazz into my feet.


Describe the perfect pizza

I’m a massive fan of sweetcorn on a pizza and I always go for chicken, bacon and mushrooms. I once went to Italy and there was a fried egg on the pizza, which was nice. I can never quite replicate it at home though. One thing that doesn’t belong on a pizza is pineapple.



What spice do you choose when in Nandos?

Medium with medium sauce. If there was a sauce between medium and hot that would be perfect.


Whats your favourite word?

Tombola because it sounds great and sounds exactly what it is. Or windowsill.



What do you do to unwind after a show?

Stare at myself for 15 minutes in the mirror and think about the show. I like to reflect!


Thanks Jack!


You can follow Jack on Twitter @jackfallonmedia