5 minutes with Curtis Goff



We caught up with The Glos Show presenter and asked him your pressing questions!


Hi Curtis, you always look so great on camera, what’s your secret?

I get a haircut every two weeks and if I don’t I start to freak out. Once my hairdresser started threaded my eyebrows without asking me… not cool!

You are a notorious flip-flop wearer. Will they ever make an appearance on the show?

I’d love them too but unfortunately, there are strict health and safety regulations! I feel Jack wouldn’t be able to pull them off as well as me and he would feel left out. The smell would also be an issue…

Do you do anything to prepare for the live show?

I’m a big fan of films and I often watch one before I go on air. My favourite films are inspirational like 17 Again and Goal.  I also have a chat with Jack and get clued up with the latest glos goss. I am very lucky and have such a great vocal coach, Yvonne. She’s my rock!


How did you get your job presenting on (arguably) prime time TV?

Working hard every day and making it happen. It sounds cliche but it’s who you know, not what you know. I am happy to say that I love what I do and it never feels like work.

It’s a cut-throat market – there are no friends in journalism! You need to do what it takes to get to the top and sometimes you have to work with people you don’t like but it’s important to be professional!


Are you and Jack Fallon close in real life?

Well, we have shared a beer or two before and have similar interest and that’s what helps the chemistry on screen! We are very similar and people often nickname us double trouble or the next And and Dec! Though of course, we are better looking!



Right okay… What’s your favourite pair of flip flops? If you had to pick just one?

I only own 4 pairs of flip flops and they are all white and Nike! I have one pair for the garden, one pair for going out, one pair for my  gym bag and my other pair are brand new. They are there in case of an emergency!


Describe the perfect date

Food has to be involved! A football match on a Saturday afternoon, followed by a takeaway and rubbish films at home would be perfect.


What spice do you choose when in Nandos?

It makes me sound really wet but plain. If i am feeling adventurous I go for the mango and lime.


What’s your favourite word?

I’ve got two – falafel because it sounds great and it’s one of those words you never know how to spell and unagi! If you say it and people know what you mean then you have yourself a friend for life…if not you never speak to them again.


Brutal! What do you do to unwind after a show?

Either by playing volleyball or gathering round a table and consuming multiple beverages. I like a massage but I am very particular about who can massage me!


Thanks Curtis!