9 Non-Rubbish Ways To Feel Less Rubbish

Whether you feel like a used napkin or  a half-eaten macaroni cheese microwave meal – we all feel a bit rubbish-y sometimes.

Now, here at The Glos Show we appreciate that you can’t be a walking, talking, shiny sun 24 hours a day, as that would be impractical and we would all burn to death. It would be a great plot to a film perhaps, a sun walking around Stroud with little legs and arms, but for everyday practicalities, we are going to say no.

We do, however, want you to feel less rubbish. Let’s aim for a 8 on the happiness scale. Maybe you spilt Americano down your new silk shirt, accidentally called your boss ‘mum’ and ran out of milk in ONE MORNING (Happened to our online editor, true story).

Note: If you have been feeling down for a while, it is important to talk to a doctor or someone you can trust – it’s not scary and they can really help!

Here are The Glos Show Team’s top tips to feeling happy…



By Aimee Jakes








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