Everything You Need To Know About This Week’s Celebrity Guest

This week, we are lucky to be joined by the very talented Kathryn Minchew!

Kathryn is a mother, wife, chef, businesswoman, academic, copywriter, blogger, Masterchef semi-finalist- the list goes on and on. With a successful career in marketing under her belt, a BA, MA and a PhD, you’d be forgiven for wondering just how Kathryn manages to juggle it all. Originally hailing from Yorkshire, Kathryn now lives in Gloucester with her husband, three sons, two cats and a leopard gecko called Bob.

A keen traveller, Kathryn decided to take cookery course wherever she could whilst studying – be it Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia or Singapore. She says: “Cooking was a hobby- and I was going to do a degree. But the cooking kept creeping in.”

In 2015, Kathryn set up her own restaurant. But this was no usual restaurant.

The restaurant is essentially a hut- a beautiful hut, no doubt- in the back of her very own garden.

Seating eight people, Gloucester Studio caters for small groups who require a fine-dining experience. With reindeer hide to sit on, handmade cups to drink from and wooden plates to eat from, Gloucester Studio is the perfect mix of homely and high-end. Kathryn loves cooking over the wood fire pit in her garden, which means guests get to see their food being made before they enjoy it.

Not content with her already mounting accolades, Kathryn aspires to move into mobile catering, taking her wooden fire with her to cater for different events all over the country.

Tune in to The Glos Show to hear more…


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