Here Is How To Register To Vote In Less Than Two Minutes

Stop what you are doing.

Press pause on Kanye West’s bizarre but genius album, close Cosmopolitan’s website (open it back up later, ‘cos it’s ace) and gobble your ham sandwich, so you have zero distractions. Even stuff a sock in your bezzies gob if you have to. This is important.

We are on the cusp of change.

As you know, on the 23rd of June a vote will take place to determine the country’s future relationship with Europe.

‘Are you in or out?’

A vote which has divided the country and is not a vote to take lightly, nor to waste.

Yet, according to the Guardian, a massive 800, 000 people have dropped off the electoral register due to changes made in government. Most of the figure is estimated to be from university towns, which raises concern that it is young people who are missing out on their chance to vote.

Young people have notoriously been given slack for doing a no-show on election days, but perhaps it’s because the changes are making it difficult for them to do so.

According to a poll, two thirds of young people would want to remain in Europe and David Cameron, who is fronting the “Remain” campaign, has clocked on to this and has even joined Tinder. Don’t worry, Sam Cam knows…it’s not like that.. calm down sheeesh. The Prime Minister has joined Tinder and the only date he wants you to remember is the 23rd June.

I mean, it is a slight worry, that Cameron thinks the best way to engage with the younger generation is through Tinder (Note: an app which made ‘Netflix and Chill’ a thing and has introduced chat-up lines such as ‘will you be my Tinder-ella’) But with reports showing that the dating app has an estimated 50 million users and 79% of those users are millennials, maybe Cameron is on to something.

Whether, you are in firmly in the Leave camp, want to Remain in Europe or simply haven’t made up your mind yet, it is important you use your vote. This is a decision that will impact the rest of your life and it’s your chance to voice how you want the country to be run.

You have until the 7th of June to register, so don’t dily daly. You should be sandwich free and your pals should have stopped talking (see: first paragraph). Don’t be in the 800,000 missing from the register, okay.


How do I register to vote?

Remember your address (easy) date of birth (easier) and your national insurance number (maybe not so much). If you can’t remember your NI no. click here

Click on to this website –

It will ask you some super straightforward questions, such as country, nationality, name etc. Easy, easy easy.

Select ‘postal vote’ if you are going to be away on the 23rd June.

Check all your answers for typos and what not.



By Aimee Jakes







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