5 Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Vegetarians

In celebration of National Vegetarian Week, The Glos Show puts those pesky myths to bed…


  1. A vegetarian diet lacks protein


Actually, as long as there are elements such as dairy, eggs, whole grains, nuts and legumes in their diets, vegetarians are getting more than enough protein thank you!


  1. You can’t eat junk food on a vegetarian diet


A lot of junk food is vegetarian- think ice cream, crisps, doughnuts… veggies can be just as bad as non-veggies!


  1. Vegetarians are angry protesters who hate meat-eaters


Apart from the odd protest-partaker, vegetarians are just normal people who have made a life choice and are sticking to it. Generally, they respect that others eat meat- they just don’t want to.


  1. The diet of a vegetarian is boring and limited.


The opposite to this is true, actually. Yes, they have cut out one of the main elements of their diet, but if anything their diet will force them to try new things and experiment with what they eat. That doesn’t sound boring or limited!


  1. Vegetarians are healthier than meat-eaters.


This couldn’t be further from the truth. Veggies still eat processed food, in particular, their meat alternatives- think veggie burgers and tofu. Yes, there are health benefits to being vegetarian but it doesn’t mean that meat-eaters are less healthy in any way.


By Lana Fashioni



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